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horrible software

I dont understand how to use subtitles , the help included is worthless. And believe it or not, the support site imovist does not exist, so no support at all.

Fine and useful options, all in a translucent look like interface

Hi ! It is said about the new version (v1.3.6) : " - Removed QuickTime decoder. (FFmpeg decoder only) " Im wondering why ? What does this mean ? Will there be some kind of shortage if FFmpeg decoder is not included anymore ? I hesitate before updating to this new version. Your soft has so many advantages, anyway… Like a jewelry… supported by plenty of discrete useful options ! Elegant and relaxing ! Thanks.

Best video player

Its the best and fastest video player that Ive used on Mac. Plays 1080p movies on old Macs with no lag. Have been using only this one from 0.6.6 version. :D


The recent versions worked pretty good (if you take the rare crashes out of the account) and has been replacing my VLC. But this versions will only play movie files from certain folders like Downloads and Movies. If a movie is located in any other folder you will either have to move it to the standard folder or youll have to add the folder to a list in the preferences. This is totally annoying and the fact that the programm decides what to play based on its own preferences doesnt look a bit as a good security measure. So I went back to VLC - sadly - since this program is very comfortable (although it crashes more often than VLC).

Great Player

Movist has come a long way. Version 1.02 was pretty slow and lacked some features. Now with Version 1.2.3 its just great. Great subtitle support, H.264 Video decoding acceleration (also works with x.264), customizable shortcuts, etc. BTW, Movist can use an external USB sound device for playback. Im using it with the M-Audio Fast Track Pro without any problems. You need to disable the "Change system volume" setting in the Movist Preferences.

Network playback gone down the drain

Movist is my go-to player for video, but in the latest update playback from my NAS has become very unreliable. Scrubbing through videos always results in the video stopping to play and returning to an empty window. Opening a video is also much slower recently, with playback sometimes not starting, only sound starting or the application going to full-screen but not starting to play. The recent releases have all been with serious issues as far as I’m concerned.

Well done!

Highly customizable. Lots of features. Very polished and good looking. Worth the money. Im very pleased. Keep up the good work.

Will movist marry mplayerx?

The playlist functionality is nice, but what about adding multi-touch abilities. Also, please fix the bugs (the fullscreen transition animation looks sketchy). Do these things and you will definitely make this application the best movie player on the app store. When Movist was free, i used it over vlc. Afer months of no updates, i slowly migrated to Mplayerx. Im very glad that there are updates to this lovely application. As of right now, I am inclined to agree that mplayerx is far more superior to movist in terms of performance (it is not laggy). If the developer is listening and decide to work on these things that i mentioned, there is no doubt in my mind you will for sure have the best movie player on the app store.

Getting worst

Late update. Updated and no sound coming for many files. Better use GOM Player!

Crashes my iMac

Love the player, but every now and then Ill play a video and my mouse and keyboard will stop functioning. My trackpad will keep working though, but I cant restart the iMac, I have to do a hard power off/on. Ive lost unsaved data a couple of times because of this so unfortunately I cant reccomend this app, I will update if a new version fixes the issue. If not for the freezing it would be a 5/5 but its a serious issue, the app is broken.

The only good video client out there.

Good interface, responsive, good shortcuts. The only app with good subtitle behavior.

Better than VLC

Best most light weight but powerful video player.

Awesome video player!

Much faster and cleaner the VLC, Loving this app!

Dont know whats happened to Movist

This used to be my fave Mac player. Since its been in the App store its been impossible to launch without getting a nag screen. From a "folder not being accessible" to having to give my App store password. No other media player on my Mac, bugs me this much. I thought the idea of a media player was to play a video quickly and stay out of the way, not so with Movist anymore. You frequently need to input folder locations, file names or passwords, to the point I cant be bothered anymore. Its really super annoying. To the makers of this app -- please just let it play a file, no matter where on your network its located, like every other player does.


This is now my default player. Keep up the good work

Missing ONE feature

Wont give it five stars until it has pinch to fullscreen gesture like Quicktime.

just ****ed all my vids

My friend is using this app, and he told me it is better than VLC. When I downloaded this app, I couldn’t watch my old videos!! WHY??????? Gonna delete this ****.

It’s a little buggy

I wish it would remember preferences I set. Each time I load it now it resets to default everything. Hope this gets fixed soon, as this bug is even more annoying than the full-screen exit bugs.

Issues with this version

Movist has been my go to media app for a while. Lastest version seems a little crashy.

Best Video Player, hands down!

It’s minimalistic. Don’t be fooled by the weird screenshots, this app looks awesome once you change the skin/theme to the QT theme. I love Movist’s skins/themes options. Plays all my video files without fail. Question to the developer since there is no contact information on this page; Will you be supporting picture-in-picture in the next update?

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